Subscribe to the Topeka Calendar

Now you can subscribe to the Topeka Charter SAS calendar

We've made some updates to the website this year, with more to come. A great way to stay informed about events is to subscribe to our calendar. Below are instructions and tutorials for how to get set up for different calendar types and devices.

ICal Link

Add the following link to your Google, Apple, or device calendar (link also available on the calendar page):

On Most Devices

Clicking the link above on your preferred device(s) should automatically prompt you to complete the subscription process.

On Google/Apple/iCloud/Etc

For web-based calendars, you will need to use the link above and follow the following instructions:
Instructions for Apple/iCloud:
Instructions for Google: (click "Add using a link")
The process should be similar for other providers.

Please report problems or feedback, and consider getting involved to help us keep the calendar up to date.

For help with this website:


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