Sunday Minute – April 12, 2020

Sunday Minute – April 12, 2020

Good evening, families! This is Mrs. Stevens, with this week’s Sunday Minute.


My hope is that you all were able to enjoy your family over this past Spring Break and Holiday. 


Tomorrow we return to remote/virtual learning.  Please look for your teacher’s communication on instruction and expectations for the week. 


In order to continue creating a culture of care at Topeka, we are launching another way for us to stay connected, share success, and other uplifting stories on our new website feature we will call ‘Tiger Tales’.  Please feel free to email me pictures, short videos, summaries, etc. that you are giving permission to be posted on our website and/or Instagram page.  Our school campus may be closed, we may still need to keep our physical distance, but there are other ways for our Tiger community to maintain our connection, build on our positive school environment and continue to cultivate our culture of care.  Please email your submissions to


I also want to remind you that LA Unified has opened a phone hotline that students and families can call for help to manage fear, anxiety, and other challenges related to COVID-19.  The phone hotline number is 1-213-241-3840. It’s open weekdays 6am-6pm and staffed by mental health professionals who speak both English and Spanish.


In conclusion, our phrase for the week is ‘be our best-self’.  It is so easy these days to get angry, criticize others, blame someone else, find fault in others even when there are flaws within ourselves.  However, it takes a bigger person, someone with active character to offer others their best-self.  This will entail:

  • listening to understand, rather than just respond
  • asking for clarification
  • taking time to think before responding
  • presuming positive intentions of others


Basically, showing some love!   That is what the world needs now, don’t you think?


That’s it for this week’s news from school, have a tigerrific evening.



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