End of the Year Announcement

Dear Topeka Community,

We have made it to the last day of school.  This year has certainly felt like quite the journey!  I have to say, completing this journey successfully was because of the perseverance, resilience, and teamwork put forth by all of our stakeholders.  I am extremely proud of all of you – students, staff, parents, and community partners.  Thank you for sticking with it. Thank you for staying connected even when we were apart.  Thank you for your sacrifice, your encouragement and for your courage. You are a blessing and I am honored to serve as your Principal.

This summer as the District continues to create our re-opening plan, I may need to contact you more frequently than I did in summers past.  Please make the time to listen to the messages, check the school website announcements, follow us on Instagram (@topekachartersas) and read our email communications. Those will be the best ways to stay informed.  In addition, I wanted to share some pertinent information. 

  • Final Report Cards- 3rd Reporting Period Report cards will be sent to your homes.  The mailings will be sent out from the Central office.  
  • Summer School Options- LDNW has enrolled every student who has received a 2 in ELA or Math on their report card period 3, into the Community of Schools Local District Options for Summer school (this is different from the Central District offerings) --- Central is accepting registration for additional Summer School Options.  These summer school offerings are at different times, so if a family wants to, they can participate in both.
  • Keeping Devices until after Summer School- Students in grades Pk-5 can keep their devices until after summer school concludes since summer school will be offered remotely.  Any student who will NOT be attending an LAUSD school in 2020-2021 and any 5th grader who is certain that they are not going to summer school can return their devices on Tuesday, June 16, 2020 anytime between 9am-2pm, at the main office.
  • New Student Enrollment- New student enrollment will continue on Tuesdays - Thursdays (until 6/25 then will resume 7/27) please contact Sue Smith sls5471@lausd.net or the main office (Tues. Wed. or Thurs. from 9am-2pm) 818-886-2266.
  • Communications regarding School Re-opening- I will send messages when information is available throughout the summer on our re-opening. In the meantime, families are encouraged to continue to check our communication avenues (website, phone calls, Instagram, etc.) and follow Superintendent Austin Beutner's update messages (typically done on Mondays at 11am on KLCS or https://achieve.lausd.net/latestnews
  • Parent Meetings & Workshops- Please be on the look-out (phone call, email, school website, instagram)  for invitations from Mrs. Marissa Croft or Mrs. Stevens regarding any parent meetings or workshops.
  • School Orientation- Please be on the look-out (phone call, email, school website, instagram)  for invitations from Mrs. Marissa Croft, Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Castagnola, and/or PTA regarding School/Kinder orientation.

 Again, many thanks and much love to all of you.  Have a wonderful summer!


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