New Return to School Date-1/12/2021

Monday Minute – December 21, 2020

Good afternoon, families! This is Mrs. Stevens, with an important message for parents and guardians.  We are now preparing for instruction to resume after Winter Break. In order to provide our teachers with more time for planning, Monday, January 11, will be a pupil-free day, which means students will not return to virtual classes until Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 9am.  Again, we will continue in an online format. Your child will receive their class schedule when they sign into their Schoology account. In addition, because of this change in the calendar, the last day of instruction for the school year will be Friday, June 11. Additional information will be posted on our school’s website.


Device Care

Parents please be sure to SHUT DOWN and charge the school-issued Chromebook and/or Ipad regularly. On the Chromebooks especially, simply closing the device is not enough and it still drains the battery.  If you allow the battery to deplete completely, it may not charge or boot back up again, therefore rendering the device unusable.  We want to make sure your child always has a working device, so please remember to shut in down (especially over weekends and breaks) and keep it charged.  In addition, please see the device care sheet, which includes the price for replacing damaged devices, in the email version of this message. 


I want to remind you that the LAUSD Grab & Go Food Centers and select COVID-19 testing sites will remain open to serve our school community over Winter Break.  May you all be blessed with safety, good health, and quality time this Holiday Season. Thank you and have a wonderful Winter Break.



Covid Testing in Preparation for our Eventual Return

Please make a COVID testing appointment for your child at



For Your Information:

  • 1-213-241-3840  LAUSD Hotline to help manage fear, anxiety, and other challenges related to COVID- 19.  Open 6am-6pm weekdays
  • 1-213-443-1300 COVID-19 Hotline for families
  • 1-213-241-2700 COVID-19 Hotline for employees


Look Ahead- Mark Your Calendar

12-21- 1/8     WINTER BREAK – NO SCHOOL



1/12               Governance Council Meeting 2:30pm

Meeting ID: 950 3009 2500

Passcode: GCouncil


1/12               PTA Executive Board Meeting 6:30PM

1/18               NO SCHOOL- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

1/22               Last Day to complete School Experience Survey

1/25               Warning Notices sent out sometime this week

1/25               Great Kindness Challenge week

1/25               Monday Morning Tiger Community Assembly

Register in advance for this webinar:

1/26               PTA Association Meeting @ 6:30pm


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