Hand2Mind Kits Being Sent Home


Hello Topeka Tiger Families: 

       This is Mrs. Stevens, your Principal, with important information regarding math/language arts supplies that are being delivered to our students’ homes.

       Starting this week, LAUSD families will receive Hand2Mind instructional materials kits via U.S. mail for each of their children in grades K-5.  Kits will be mailed out one grade at a time starting in this order:

Grade 4--Starting on Feb. 8

Grade 3--Starting on Feb. 11

Grade 5--Starting on Feb. 14

Grade 2--Starting on Feb. 19

Grade 1--Starting on Feb. 23

Grade K--Starting on Feb. 27

Allow 3-5 days for kits to arrive via U.S. mail. 

       The Hand2Mind kits are a wonderful resource to use at home during math and language arts learning time.  Your child’s teacher will receive a kit at home as well, and he/she will reach out to you to let you know when/how the supplies will be used during synchronous/asynchronous time. 

       Please make sure the Hand2Mind kit is kept in a place near your child’s desk/school area so the instructional materials can be easily accessed during virtual class time.  If you’d like to see what is included in each kit, please see the attached flyer.  Additionally, if you’d like to learn more about the materials included in the kit, please visit https://www.hand2mind.com/lausd.

       If you do not receive your child’s kit within 7 business days after the scheduled delivery time, please submit a Google form at https://fulfillment.icolorprinting.net/

       Have a safe and restful three-day weekend!!!

Many Blessings,             



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