Monday, May 24th the District Assigned Mobile Testing Unit will be @ Topeka

Monday, May 24th the District Assigned Mobile Testing Unit will be @ Topeka 


If your child was already tested through LAUSD for their baseline COVID-19 Test, you do not need to schedule another test. We will be testing students at the school site through District assigned testing.

If your child was already tested outside of LAUSD for their COVID-19 Test, you need to do a couple of things in order to make sure this is approved as baseline testing:
1. Make sure you have a parent portal account with your child registered / link
2. Take a screenshot of your negative COVID-19 PCR Test (Not antigen--- Not Rapid Tests)
3. Open and click on Parent and upload the screenshot after clicking on Upload External Results and click submit after answering all the questions.
4. Provide a copy of the negative test result to the school.
5. Once approved by the District, this will be considered a baseline test and you can create QR codes for dailypass.
6. Download and complete this parent consent form for In-School COVID19 Testing and give it to the office staff:

Only after all these steps have been completed you will not have to schedule more testing.

If you DID NOT complete these steps, you WILL NEED TO schedule weekly COVID-19 Testing.  It is much easier to just upload the test results and wait for the District approval.

Again, once it is approved by the District, you will not need to schedule any more appointments. The Testing will occur at the school site.

Thank you!!


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