How Topeka SAS will use the Block Grant Monies.

This page was last updated on 09-25-2018

Topeka Charter School for Advanced Studies will use its block grant monies first and foremost for student achievement. TCSAS serves a diverse population with a variety of needs, English Learners, Gifted and Talented students, students who have intensive intervention needs, Special Education students, as well as students scoring at benchmark.

Topeka Charter School for Advanced Studies’ Single Plan for Student Achievement, which was developed through thorough analysis of student data, shall be the guidelines for budgetary expenditures. Among the priorities to raise student achievement include:

  • Teaching Assistants
  • Professional Development X/Z Time
  • Staff Training Rate
  • Staff Conference Attendance
  • Library Aide
  • Instructional Coach/Intervention Support Coordinator
  • Non-Capital Equipment (technology to assist the instructional program)
  • Day to Day Subs
  • Clerical Overtime
  • Teacher Tutoring X Time
  • Maintenance of Equipment
  • General Supplies
  • Instructional Materials
  • Advisory Committee Expenses

Topeka Charter School for Advanced Studies Budget Priorities 2012-13: $200,000+/-

Budget Item Cost
Teaching Assistants$40,000
Library Aide$12,000
Intervention Support Coordinator$97,000
General Supplies$10,000
Instructional Materials$4,000
Maintenance Budget$2,600
Day-to-Day Subs (10 days @$283/day)$2,830
Staff Training Rate ($25/hour)40 hours= $1,000
Teacher Tutoring X Time$30,000
Staff Conference$570

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