ELAC Meeting on October 13 @ 3:30pm

Oct 13 2021 - 3:30pm

Los Angeles Unified School District Topeka Charter SAS


Agenda Wednesday, 10/13/21

At 3:30PM

Zoom Meeting ID 874 1674 0228 Passcode: ELAC




I.  Welcome/Call to Order

Alessandra Goech - Chairperson

II. Flag Salute - Parent

III.  Public Comment

Olga Sargsyan - Vice Cahir

IV.  Roll Call

Ms. Castagnola - Secretary

V.  Training of Officers

-Acquire a working understanding of ELAC’s responsibilities

-Understand the Greene Act and Robert’s Rules of Order for the functioning of ELAC

-Review ELAC members roles and responsibilities

Ms. Castagnola - Coordinator

VIII.  Announcements

Ms. Castagnola - Coordinator

IX.  Adjournment

Alessandra Goech - Chairperson


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