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General Help

We will be adding information to this page as we go. Your questions and feedback will help us make a website that is useful to all of the stakeholders, and we welcome suggestions and feedback! In the meantime, if you run into trouble please email Jeff at

About This Site

This is a custom website built in Drupal for Topeka Charter School for Advanced Studies. It is designed to be managed by many people.

Content Types Explained:
  • PAGES - Display text, images, highlights, links and flies.
  • CLASSROOMS - Similar to pages, but with the option of assigning a teacher from available Team Members. Relevant Announcements, Quick Links, and Events will display in the side bar.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS - Used for news and updates. They display in "What's New" on the home page, on the Announcements page, and can be assigned to display for certain grade levels or on certain pages.
  • TEAM MEMBERS - Display a photo or the default avatar, and information about that team member. To add a Team Member to a Classroom, do so by editing the Classroom. (see video below).
  • E-BACKPACKS - Include a description and a downloadable pdf file.
  • EVENTS - Display as a calendar, in a weekly planner, and as upcoming events in the right column.
  • COMMENTS - Classrooms and some pages have the option to post-to-page. These include text and up to three downloadable files. Intended to be used for items like homework and meeting minutes.
  • QUICK-LINKS - Include a title and a link to the content. These display by grade level or can be assigned to display on specific pages in the right column.

Adding and Editing Content

You must have a login for this site in order to add or edit content. We encourage our stakeholders to get involved, and we would love to have your help. New accounts must be approved by school administrators. Once you log in, you will see an "Add/Edit" button in the top menu bar, and an "edit" tab will become available on content that you have "edit permissions" for.

User Accounts

User Accounts Video Description: This video shows how to log in, edit your information, and add content. User accounts are available for Topeka stakeholders. They can be requested via the PTA, Governance Council, or school Administration. Account creation is done by Administration, and can usually be completed within one business day.


Classroom Video Description: Classrooms are a special type of page on this website. They include a room number, teacher, grade level, body (for description), photo gallery, files, and posts.

Post to this Page

Posts can be added to Pages or Classrooms. They are intended to be used for such purposes as homework assignments, meeting notes, or brief announcements that are relevant to only a single Page or Classroom. They are a modified version of "Comments", and have a similar functionality and feel. These are still in development. New Pages and Classrooms will automatically have a button for "Post to this page" at the bottom. Existing pages and classrooms need to have this featured enabled.

  • Message - Plain text.
  • File - Up to 3 files may be attached to a Post for download or viewing in browser. Use the Description field to control what text displays as the link to the file.

Community Partners

Community Partners support Topeka Charter. Please contact the PTA to be added as a Community Partner. Community Partners content type includes one large image (scaled and cropped to a 480px square), individual fields for contact information, and a descriptive text area.

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