Please read the new Fall 2021 Guide to volunteering.

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LAUSD Fall 2021 Quick Guide to Volunteering
Please review the Guide to Volunteering in LAUSD: Virtual and On Campus
Please note: Volunteers must update their application annually

Please read the following directions explaining the process for applying to volunteer and approving school volunteer applications.


Online Application – submitted by prospective volunteerVolunteer Program Logo

Any person interested in participating in a school’s volunteer program, including continuing volunteers, prospective virtual volunteers, prospective on-campus volunteers, LAUSD employees, community members and interns, must complete the online volunteer application on the School Volunteer Management System. 

A volunteer can access the online registration process and application at

If a person does not have access to the necessary technology to complete the online volunteer application, the school will designate an employee to assist in completing and submitting the online application on the person’s behalf. Volunteers serving at more than one LAUSD school must have a approved online application for each school before they can begin service.

As of Spring 2021, a waiver of liability is required to participate in on-campus volunteering in the Los Angeles Unified School District School Volunteer Program, showing agreement to the terms and release of liability.

Once the online volunteer application is completed and submitted electronically, both the application may be approved or denied by the site principal or the principal’s designee.

  • Select “I am a LAUSD parent/guardian” or “I am a LAUSD community member.”
  • Click on “Register for a LAUSD Parent/Guardian Account.” Once on the LAUSD Parent/Guardian Account registration site, a prospective volunteer will be required to enter their name and a valid email account.  Prospective volunteers will receive an email to complete the registration process, including the creation of an account password.

Online Application Submission

Once the application is complete, the application must be printed and submitted to the school along with the Signed Volunteer Commitment Form and Tuberculosis Test Clearance.  The school must review (ensure required fields are completed).  


  • Online application, printed and signed
  • Signed Volunteer Commitment Form
  • Tuberculosis test clearance


  • Megan’s Law
  • Fingerprinting (when applicable) – SEE BELOW

(For On-Campus Volunteers only): After PCS approves the application, PCS will email you a temporary badge. Before the start of your volunteer service, you must upload a negative COVID-19 test at A valid Daily Pass is required for all On-Campus volunteers. Check with your school for any additional safety clearance as required by public health guidance. (For Virtual Volunteers only): Opportunities to volunteer virtually are provided on an as-needed basis as identified by school administrators.


Please note:  Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance

Volunteers must submit clearance of TB prior to starting volunteer service. Clearance for TB is valid for up to 60 days prior to service for new volunteers and period of up to four (4) years for continuing volunteers.

All prospective volunteers are required to have the TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire administered by a licensed health care provider. If there are no risk factors identified, a Certificate of Completion is provided by the health care provider for clearance; and the prospective volunteer must submit a copy of this to the school or office.

Continuing volunteers with TB clearance must repeat the TB clearance certification every four (4) years.

For additional questions regarding TB requirements for LAUSD volunteer applicants, contact LAUSD Nursing Services at (213) 202-7580.



Megan’s Law/Sex Offender Clearance

Any volunteer applicant whose name appears on the Megan’s Law online database is prohibited from serving as a District office volunteer and as an on campus school volunteer in any capacity for any length of time, including for one-time activities.



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