Topeka's Online Parent Resource Center

Last updated 01-15-2020

Welcome to Topeka's Online Parent Resource Center - this page is a work in progress.

Topeka is committed to partnering with parents and families to support every child.  We invite you to join in the effort to create innovative, creative thinkers, to build intellectual curiosity, academic excellence and good citizenship among our students  When schools and families work together to support learning, students become more motiviated to succeed in school and life.  We encourage parents to get Engaged! and Stay Informed!  


The Online Parent Resource Center is here for you.  We hope to develop and foster community engagement, provide referrals to community based services, and give you resources to parent workshops, handouts and community events.  We encourage you to explore the educational system to become better advocates for your children and we will do our best to provide support to help our students and families achieve success.

Make an Impact! Any active parent participation, will make each day a positive experience for our students at Topeka.

Parents please check back monthly for the Dignity Health School Wellness Initiative Monthly Newsletter (see the link to the PDF)

In this month's newsletter you will find:

2020 is the YEAR OF BEING KIND and January is National Blood Donor Month

Please also check out the: Tips on Nutrition, Grant Opportunities, Tips on Wellness and find what's happening in our Community in the Community Events section.


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