Tiger Fund

"One time donation"
Tokoda Roar $100 ($10/mn)
Topeka Tiger $250 ($25/mn)
Bronze $500 ($50/mn)
Silver $750 ($75/mn)
Gold $1,000 ($100/mn)
Platinum $2,000 ($200/mn)
Last updated 09-25-2018

What is Tiger Fund?

​ Our school, students, and teachers need our financial support to provide them with the opportunities they deserve. Your participation in any amount is greatly appreciated. Please give what you can. Your tax deductible contribution will help ensure that our children will continue to experience the physical education program, a librarian, a computer lab instructor, art enrichment programs, and other important programs. Remember 100% of the money you donate stays here at Topeka for our children. For donations made through PayPal, please enter your child's name and room number by clicking on the "Add special instructions to the seller" link on the PayPal page. To donate on campus, please leave your checks (made out to Topeka Drive PTA) in an envelope with attention to Shelly Bedig or Cris Silva in the Tiger Fund Box.

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