Topeka Charter Tiger Fund

We need your help, it is more important than ever to support Topeka Charter.

One Time Donation
Topeka Tiger LVL $350
Monthly Donations
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What is Tiger Fund?

TIGER FUND is Topeka PTA’s Direct Donation Program. 100% of your tax-deductible
donation is kept here at Topeka. These donations help fund and support the
educational components that are within our Charter Plan like Computer Lab,
Librarian, Psychomotor (Physical Ed), Art/Music Enrichment and additional
educational opportunities. The School District is unable to fully fund all of these
programs that our students need in order to thrive in school. We kindly ask for
your participation and we are grateful for your help!

TOPEKA'S TIGER FUND Suggested Donation amount is $350 per child.
Consider what you would be paying if you went to private school or continued to
pay for preschool. Many Schools ask for more --OUR suggested donation amount
of $350 per child is a modest ask. Monthly Installments are available. All we ask
is for your full donation by December, thus it breaks down to $70 per mo. from
August - December.

Please donate whatever fits your family budget. A donation in any amount helps
tremendously. Another way to help is to ask your Corporation for Company Matching
opportunities, Please ask your HR Dept. for details.

Power of Tiger Fund?

Psychomotor( $20,000)
Software/School Programs ($11,000)
Computer Lab/ PCs/ Hardware ($18,000)
School/Teacher Instructional Supplies ($13,500)
Transportation for Field Trips ($10,000)
Total $72,500
( this is not a complete list of ongoing programs at Topeka - please visit our website for more details)
**Please click on the PDFs for more information**

We've provided easy online payments at:

Checks can be made to: Topeka Drive PTA with your Pledge Form w/attn: Stephanie Heisler or Kathy Kim in the Tiger Fund Box in the office.
Any questions please email us at:

Thank you for your support.


Special Thank you to:

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Sponsored the printing of Tiger Fund Pamphlets.

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