Visually Impaired Program

This page was last updated on 06-24-2019

Did you know that our school is the only LAUSD public school in the San Fernando Valley that provides services to visually impaired/blind students? These students are encouraged to be independent and learn in an environment where it is difficult to tell the visually impaired and sighted students apart - resulting in an enriching experience for all students.

Who May Attend? Students may attend the VI Special Day Preschool Program as early as age 3 - a small class setting offers personalized instruction ensuring a smooth transition to a general education kindergarten classroom. Kindergarten through 5th grade students are mainstreamed in general education classrooms with accommodations made to address each student's individual needs.

What Does The Curriculum Include? VI Students receive core subject instruction (including math, science, Braille or large print reading, writing, music and art). VI Students also receive expanded curriculum (including adapted physical education, orientation and mobility, speech and language, occupational therapy, independent daily living skills, pre-vocational skills, social skills and specialized technology).

What Kind of Instructional Materials Are Used? Students receive specialized instructional materials and equipment including: * Braille and/or large print books and materials * Audio books * Braille Writer and/or Braille Note * Magnification devices including CCTV * Large print word processing software We are truly honored to have a hard working team of teachers who care for and instruct our VI students.

If you have any questions about the team or program, please contact the office at (818) 886-2266 to get more information.

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